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Theotoxin was born in April 2016 by Zombie Inc. and Hollenthon members. Those Individuals are not new to the scene, they each have played a lot of shows all across Europe over the past decade. In early 2017, the band released their debut album ‘Atramentvm’ which received plenty of positive feedback from all around the globe. While working on their second record, Theotoxin is motivated and looking forward to play energetic live shows & spread the word of extreme metal.

Havres Heremita - Vocals

Florian Musil - Drums

Fabian Rauter - Guitar

Martin Frick - Guitar

Joachim Tischler - Bass

“ATRAMENTVM” tracklist:

1) Devoured by Sin

2) I am Godless

3) My Harlot

4) Into the Depths

5) Pontius Pilatus - Bringer of Death  

6) They begged...

7) Anneliese


Clickable weblinks: 

‘Pontius Pilatus - Bringer of Death’ Playthrough

‘Devoured by Sin’ Playthrough

‘Atramentvm’ Official Video + Soundcloud stream

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